WH Virtual Community || Christian Creatives, Entrepreneuers & Women

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WH Virtual Community for Christian Creatives, Entrepreneurs & Women 

WH Virtual Community for Christian Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Women || Founder's Fee of $35 

From being in my business for 8 years, I have gone through my fair share of highs and lows when it comes to business practices. I have honed in wonderful routines that start my day off with a bang and also have found myself wasting the day away knee-deep in my own funk. Quality faith-based community is crucial and that is not always what is available for those creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners and moms that are in the home. I have felt a huge calling to dive deeper into finding resources and creating community for those women and specifically doing it through a faith-based lens. Growing up in a bible study that met every Sunday for 6 years, I found such amazing community in this group of women. I was yearning in my business to have this community and so decided to create one here! 

We are going to hand you the information and process with you how it needs to be implemented in your life. We want you to make friends here and accountability partners that you would not know otherwise. I am a strong Ennegram 2 w. 3 and know that helping is where my heart is. I do not have a calling to go back for formal counselor education or to be a life coach, I just want to be a steadfast ear. I know how to start a business, run a non-profit, plan an event and gather individuals together. I know how to create places of calm for working and thrive in finding you resources that will make your week be jam-packed with goodness. I am not a blogger. I do not want to try to sell you a product. I want to be your encourager for a lifestyle you deserve! A lifestyle that God wants you to have!  

WH Virtual Bible Study's Core Person: She loves getting lost in new cities. Not finding her way in the common but instead finding spots that are local and only known from her favorite blogs. She is traditional and timeliness yet urges to break the mold with her work and wants to live a life so full of purpose that she looks for it everywhere. She is heading into a new decade, season or adventure and finds comfort with it all knowing it will bring more wisdom. She finds comfort in the familiar but seeks adventure in bite size chunks. Allowing time to recoup in the in between. Qualitity over quantity is the name of her game in all she does: friends, finds and food. She loves and feels deeply letting every step sink in to her knees. She cares for those she doesn't know and yearns to put their faces with their names. She is constantly inspired by others and the journey they chose to walk in this world. 

What is the cost? 

$35 || This one-time Founder's Fee of $35 allows you to have community at your fingertips in an affordable way.

What will you receive? 

  • Community at the tips of your fingertips through Private Social Media
  • Daily Encouragement, Devotionals and Accountability 
  • Live Facebook Coffee Dates Monthly 
  • Opportunity for Meet Ups Quarterly around the US
  • Friday Promotions to Promote the Work You Do! 
  • Virtual Open Dialogue Forum